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The Top 11 Digital Marketing Apps You’ll Need in 2022

Digital Marketing Apps: Can you manage your entire business from your phone? It’s not just conceivable, it’s actually simpler in 2021.

Despite the significant advancements in mobile technology, the majority of business owners still perform the majority of their daily operations on desktop or laptop computers.

Technology has advanced significantly during the last ten years. Online activity has greatly increased as a result of all the changes that Covid-19 brought about in the world over the past year.

Today’s phones are basically little computers that fit in our hands. And the majority of people choose to use them through applications. Applications, often known as apps, are specialized software programs that can be used to enhance our lives or provide us with entertainment.

Digital Marketing Apps: Mobile marketing

But marketing is one area of business that may increasingly be handled by mobile devices. Given how much time today’s consumers spend on their phones, it makes reasonable that digital marketing apps will begin to move there as well.

In some circumstances, trying to control mobile material from a desktop might be difficult and uncomfortable. Today, even low-production content can go viral since a lot of marketing content is becoming more in-the-moment.

There are a ton of useful apps available for business owners and entrepreneurs to make their daily tasks easier. But which should be used? The Top 11 Marketing Apps for 2021 are listed below.

Digital Marketing Apps: Top 10 Free Marketing Apps for 2021: List

Digital Marketing Apps: 1. Buffer

Digital Marketing Apps:

One of the most well-known social media scheduling apps is Buffer. Scheduling updates for several Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest profiles is its primary purpose. The software also offers statistical follow-up on the effectiveness of each post.

Even sharing and scheduling from within other well-known programs like Safari is now possible with the most recent version of the iOS app. Buffer presently offers a free trial as well as four subscriptions with affordable monthly fees: Pro ($15), Small Business ($99), Medium Business ($199), and Large Business ($399).

Digital Marketing Apps: 2. Hootsuite

Digital Marketing Apps:

Another social media management tool is Hootsuite, which enables you to schedule updates to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Although more expensive than Buffer, it allows you more flexibility at every level of planning.

Currently, users of Hootsuite’s free plan can schedule up to 30 posts at once and manage up to three social media accounts. Payment plans that start at $25 a month let you manage more accounts, schedule more articles, and add team members.

Digital Marketing Apps: 3) Today’s Facebook Pages Manager Facebook is a massive content

monolith. It’s difficult to manage your Facebook company page, though, because Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Watch, and the standard news stream all occupy space. Most tasks involved in administering a Facebook page can be streamlined with the help of the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Posting, commenting, and liking are a few of them, along with replying to private messages. Through this Facebook app, you can manage page administration settings, edit information and photographs, and even keep track of statistics. The app’s complete lack of cost is its best feature.

Digital Marketing Apps: 4). Facebook Ads Manager

Digital Marketing Apps:

This marketing tool helps you manage Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns from your phone if you run ads on those platforms. In the palm of your hand, manage your campaigns, change budgets and schedules, simply create and track Facebook advertisements, and get notifications.

This tool will assist you in keeping track of your ad spending and campaign success no matter where you are. The Facebook Ads Manager App is free, just like the pages app is.

Digital Marketing Apps: 5) Later

The Later app, which was initially released as Latergramme, lets you schedule and publish Instagram posts whenever it’s convenient for you. The inability to upload at a later time is one of Instagram’s most annoying features. Later eliminates this issue by enabling you to publish later (hence the name). You can obtain photographs from a library or even from Dropbox and Google, and you can manage many Instagram accounts from one location.

Using reports on user activity and hashtags makes analytics simple. The Later app is available for free with restrictions, and subscription options start at $9 per month for a single account and go up to $49 per month for multiple user accounts.

Digital Marketing Apps: 6). Canva

The new Canva app takes all the capabilities from the website directly to your phone or tablet, making it easy for you to create professional-looking images for social media. To make unique photographs to distribute, use pre-built templates and drag items into place.

You can quickly post them directly to social media with just a few touches on your phone screen thanks to Canva’s integrated social sharing feature. Canva is a fantastic free tool if all you need is a basic image editor. You can add more features to Pro and Enterprise plans starting at $10/month.

Digital Marketing Apps: 7). Grammarly Keyboard

Nobody likes a lot of errors in their marketing materials or emails. The Grammarly Keyboard is comparable to carrying a personal editor around with you. The software gives you access to a unique keyboard that checks your work for spelling and grammar mistakes. Over time, it helps you improve as a writer by eradicating errors and bad grammar. The best part about this marketing tool is that it can be used inside any app on your smartphone and is totally free.

Digital Marketing Apps: 8) REP

REP could be of great assistance if you are thinking about collaborating with influencers for your business (or if you are an influencer yourself). A marketplace for connecting and collaborating between companies and influencers is provided by the app REP. Our products can be used by brands to find influencers and obtain analytics.

Businesses can invite influencers to advertise their businesses and share their items. Free, paid, and pay-per-click collaborations are available. The software allows influencers to earn cash, trips, awards, and merchandise. Transaction management is facilitated by the ability to submit payments immediately through the app.

Digital Marketing Apps: 9) Plai

Having to sign in to numerous websites in order to track all of your data is one of the major problems with marketing. A new tool called Plai (pronounced “play”) integrates analytics statistics from YouTube, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. It provides a fluid visual experience that makes tracking your daily marketing results easier. The app also provides trending content and keyword research.

You may access popular content in your niche, find suitable keywords, and understand the most recent marketing techniques before crafting a marketing campaign or even a social media post. The simple marketing app is a terrific method to learn more about your company’s marketing metrics.

Digital Marketing Apps: 10) Over

It used to be necessary to create mobile content on a desktop computer before exporting it to a mobile device. However, Over frees you from dependence on desktop photo editing programs. Over offers a ton of amazing graphic design templates. To make your social media postings stand out, experiment with filters, images, and typefaces.

Your logos, typefaces, and color schemes can be readily included when creating unique social media material for quick and simple access. Additionally, they provide full access to stock photos on websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Google Images as well as a library of films, graphics, and typeface collections. Over provides a free version with respectable features. It costs $9.99 per month to use the full version or $69.99 if purchased upfront.

Digital Marketing Apps: 11). Google Analytics

If you aren’t monitoring your results, digital marketing is useless. You may improve by learning who is visiting your material, how long they stay, and where they go thereafter. The good news is that you can simply check all of your website Analytics properties from your phone thanks to the official Google Analytics mobile app. You may monitor your company’s metrics while you’re on the move with the help of the app. This free tool provides in-depth reporting and insights into your websites, target markets, and digital marketing initiatives.

Increase Your Success and Skills

In 2021, you can manage your firm entirely from your phone whether on the go or away from the workplace thanks to all of these marketing apps. While traveling, you may develop, monitor, audit, and maintain contact with your clients. The best part is that using many of them is free or really affordable. Adopting these new mobile solutions into your organization can benefit it greatly as technology continues to advance.

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